Gus: “I fells in love at Blowin’ Smoke.”

Gus n Ms Ashley at Blowin' Smoke

Ms. Ashley, our server, broughts me a beef bone.  I too like beef bones.

I am Gus.  I fells in love at Blowin’ Smoke, the barbecue place on Habersham Street in Savannah.  Jims and Mama Becky and I stopped in during a big rainstorm, but they have a cool covered patio where doggs can join their families.  It was there that I met Ms. Ashley.  A sweet lady server who first brought me a bowl of water for an appetizer.

Jims ordered nachos, a big pile of chips with beef, cheese and hot stuff.  I too like beef.  Ms. Ashley brought me a special treat, a beef rib bone that was bigger than me.  My heart went pitter patter.  I too like beef bones and the ladies who give them to me.  It was love at first sight.  Ms. Ashley was nice too.

Gus with bone5

Me enjoying my beefs bone.

Mama Becky had a Cantina Border Bowl Salad with corn and guacamole and a black bean burger.  She liked it a lot.  I too like black beans burger.  Jims liked his nachos.  He didn’t talk much because his mouth was always full.  He almost ordered tacos.  I too like tacos.  I guess it’s in my genes.  But, they also have all kinds of barbecue.  And most of the food is gluten free.  Jims has to have gluten free.  I don’t.  I too like everything.

Oh, they also have real Southern sweet tea.  I too like sweet tea, but Jim says it’s not for doggs.  I was too busy with my bone to care.  I likes Blowin’ Smoke.  I gives them four paws because of the covered patio, but especially because of their free beef ribs for doggs and I don’t have five paws.  I will go back soon…. If Jim and Mama Becky will take me.  Maybe I will see Ms. Ashley again.  I too like Ms. Ashley. Dog printDog printDog printDog print

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Gus (Gus Doggy Dogg)

Gus logo 2

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