Gus and the churchwarden pipe

I am Gus.  Jims has a brother in Oklahoma named, Uncle John.  He has a little dogg named Tinkerbell.  She is my cousins.  I too like cousins.

Uncle John sent Jims a new chruchwarden pipe like the one the wizard uses on Lord of the Rings.  I too like Lord of the Rings, but I don’t remember any doggs in it.

I too don’t really like churchwardens pipes, even though Jims hadn’t put fire in it at all.  I guess it is just something new.  Here’s a link to a video where I sees it for the first time.

gus first sees the pipe.jpg

This is when I first saw the long pipe.  I didn’t like it.  Click on the photo to see the video.

gus first sees the pipe 2.jpg

This is what I thought of the pipe.  OR, Click on this photo to see the video.

I gives churchwardens pipes no paws… not stinky-pipe pay.  Nope, not one… No paws jpg


If you are a little kid you can send me a drawing and I will put it up over my bed… or even if you are a big peoples… and maybe I can put your drawing on my dogg blogg.

Thank you.  Please like and subscribe to my dogg blogg and I will give you licks and wags when I see you.


Gus (Gus Doggy Dogg) Dog print

Gus logo 2

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