Don’t vote for Pedro! Vote for Gus! Vote now!

Sometimes I sleeps in Jims’ chair… until I gets caught. I too likes to sleep in Jims’ chair.

I am Gus.  Please vote for my new logo style.  Doggs can’t vote.   Eli drew a logo for me on a Valentine.  Jims made it darker so its will show up better.  Jims also changed it to colors.  I too like colors, but can’t see all the colors that peoples can.  So Jims says, “Doggs can’t vote.”

This one below is Mys first logo but it needed to be darkened.

Gus logo 2

This one below is mys logo with no circles that we will use for black and white things.

and this one below is my logo with a circles that we will use for black and white things.  I too like black and white things… especially treats.  Mama Becky wanted an purples logo, but Jims didn’t make one.  Tell him if you would like to see purples too.




Votes for your favorite logo in the form at the bottom or email it to

#1 This is my diamonds logo with blue.

#2 This is my diamonds logo with red.

#3 This is my diamonds logo with yellow.

#4 Here’s is my all blues logo.

#5 Here’s is my all reds logo.

#6 And finally, here’s is my all yellows logo.

Please vote here for your favorite that makes me looks best.  You can do it in the comments below or you can send an email to

If you are a little kid you can send me a drawing and I will put it up over my bed… or even if you are a big peoples, and maybe on my website at

Thank you.  Please like and follow my dogg blogg.  I will lick you if I see you.


Gus (Gus Doggy Dogg) Dog print

Gus logo 2