Don’t vote for Pedro! Vote for Gus!

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Sometimes when I gets sleepy my ears flops.


“Doggs can’t vote!”

I am Gus.  I wants to vote.  My buddy Eli drew a logo for me.  Jims made it darker so its will show up better.  But, Doggs can’t vote!

I too wants to vote, but Jims says doggs can’t see all the colors.  So, doggs can’t vote.  Here are the choices for you to votes on  Let me know which you like best.

This is mys logo with no circles that we will use for black and white things.  You don’t votes on this one.

and this is my logo with a circles that we will use for black and white things.  I too like black and white things… especially treats.  I can see black and white things.  So, you don’ts vote on this one.






Votes for your favorite logo in the form below or email it to me at

#1 This is my diamonds logo with blues.

#2 This is my diamonds logo with reds.

#3 This is my diamonds logo with yellows.

#4 Here’s is my all blues logo.

#5 Here’s is my all reds logo.

And finally, #6, here’s is my all yellows logo.

Please vote for your favorite that makes me looks best.  You can do it in the comments below or you cans send an email to  Mama Becky wanted an purples logo, but Jims didn’t make one.  Tell her if you would like to see purples.  I like purples too, but doggs can’t see purples… and doggs can’t vote.

If you are a little kid you can send me a drawing and I will put it up over my bed… or even if you are a big peoples and maybe on my website.

Thank you.  Please like and follow my dogg blogg.

I will give you wags and licks you when I see you.


Gus (Gus Doggy Dogg)

Gus logo 2

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Gus goes to Clary’s


I am Gus.  This is me at Clary’s Cafe in Savannah, Georgia.  I too like Clary’s.  They give dogg treats.  I am watching Mama Becky eat her peoples food.  I too like peoples food

I am Gus.  I went to Clary’s Cafe.  Clary’s Cafe is on Abercorn Street.  They give treats to doggs.  I too like dogg treats.  When you sits at the tables outside on the street they are happy to have doggs as customers.  I saw other doggs at other tables.  They were all bigger than me.  But, I was the cutest and got the most treats from the staff.  At least four came out and brought me treats.  Did I say I like treats?

Clary’s building used to be a drug store.  They have druggist bottles that are still on the shelves.  They have pictures of a man someone called Dirty Hairy.  I guess he must be furry and need a bath.  He made a movie in Clary’s that was called something like nighttime in a good and bad dog park… at least I thinks that’s what they said.  I too like dog parks.  I get to see many of my friends there.  I didn’t watch the movie.  I falls asleep.

Jims had Clary’s famous grits, eggs and bacon.  He mixes the grits and eggs together.  He put a little bit of them on my regular dog food, but only a little.  I too like grits and eggs.  Mama Becky had grits and eggs.  She always orders grits and eggs too.  I too would like some of her grits and eggs, but she didn’t give me any.  I will learn to beg better next time.  She says that peoples food is not good for dogs.  Clary’s has lots of other peoples food, too.  I too like peoples food.

I give Clary’s three paws out of four, but only because I can’t eat there if it’s raining.

Please like and subscribe to my page.  They give me dog treats when you do.  I too like dog treats.

0 1 Oooooohh. People. i too like people

Ooooohhh!  Peoples!  I too like peoples.  They always pet me and give me treats.  I too like treats.

Thank you.  Please like and follow my dogg blogg.  I will lick you if I see you.


Gus (Gus Doggy Dogg) Dog printDog printDog print

Gus logo 2

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