Blogger Gus Doggy Dogg busted… Others implicated. The unleashed, naked story!

A note from Gus: The following story is from the Dog Days Enquirer a squirrellous publication…. I am completely innocent of alls the alleged allegations.  (The soon to be discovered spot on the carpet incident, however, I takes full responsibility.)  The D.D Enquirer treats me wrong… Ooooohhh!  Did I say “treats?”  I too like treats.

A Dog Days Enquirer Exclusive

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Savannah, February, 24 — Noted travel and history blogger, Gus Doggy Dogg was busted yesterday as he allegedly defaced private property.  The dry-erase ink was still wet when Doggs mother, Mama Becky, walked in and found the tragic scene.  “He really is a good dog,” she said.  “He is scheduled for obedience training at PetSmart next month.  It will not come too soon.”

“The graffiti covered approximately one-forth of the refrigerator,” said Jims who describes himself as the Chihuahua’s caretaker, friend and adopted father.  “I  was devastated.”

1 1 Gus Doggy Dogg Caught Red Pawed 1b

Gus Doggy Dogg, noted travel and history author and blogger was caught red-pawed scribbling graffiti on private property late Friday night.    ©Noah Scruples, 2018

“My wife, Mama Becky and I have worked to prevent this type of thing occurring,” Jims said.  “Things like begging at the table or barking at the lady who lives upstairs… She is his great-aunt for heaven sake!  We have gently discourage such activity.”

“Now I see that I may have to crack down…  I mean…” he said as he stumbled over his words.  “I am at a loss.”

Jims stated that Dogg claimed that he was, “set up,” and that he was simply trying to erase the images.   However, eye witnesses are holding to their accounts.

1 1 Gus Doggy Dogg Caught Red Pawed 2b

The graffiti was condemned by authorities who cried, “Bad Dog!” while some in the art world disagree.

“I’m not sure where I went wrong,” Jims said.  I tried to raise him to have respect for others… you know.  But, he is very advanced for his young age…even in dog years.”

Attempting to regain composure, Jims continued, “I really don’t know what to do.  Young kids… or rather, dogs…, have all the bad influences, TV, dog treats, bones and stuffed toys.

We even bought him his own bed and water dish.  What can a parent do?” Jims asked then added,  “He is constantly playing with his friend, Bunny.  Maybe he’s the bad influence in his life.”

Bunny, aka Fetch, was allegedly detained by Savannah P.D. for the distribution of egg-shaped containers to children in the spring of 2017.  According to anonymous sources, the colorful eggs were said to have contained candy and toys.  No charges were filed in the incident.

Bunny Mugs

Friend and suspected co-conspirator, Bunny, aka Fetch in an alleged Savannah PD mugshot early last year.

The defaced property depicted Dogg’s cohort and cousin, Chance, who is also a rescue dog of questionable ancestry.  Chance is in the care of a young man who will remain nameless since he is a minor.  However, on the record, Dogg has often referred to him as, “My good buddy.”

Chance and Ruddy mask

Authorities believe that the two were not involved in the incident, though a typical Washington, DC anonymous source reports that Chance may have suggested that the grievous action, “Might be fun.”  Also depicted on the refrigerator was Dogg himself in a staggeringly accurate likeness, according to art experts.

Dogg comparison

An actual photo, left, and Dogg’s self portrait, right, “Show uncanny, insightful reality in tone and stroke.  It’s hard for me to tell the actual photo from the drawing,” said Izzy Sirius, founder, MOSOAAOS.

Izzy Sirius, the founder and instructor at the Mail Order School of Art and Other Stuff in Las Vegas, Nevada disagrees with most critics by saying the images that were scrawled on the refrigerator are remarkable.  “This work is in the category of Picasso, Man Ray and perhaps Van Gogh… at least on one of their less-remarkable days,” he said.  Sirius clarified his statement, “I mean, Dogg has great artistic talent.  I would gladly enroll him in our school if someone would pay the extremely high-priced tuition.”  The self-proclaimed art aficionado added, “I hope that the Savannah School of Art and Design doesn’t find him first.”

0 0 1 paparazzi gus 2

Dogg was allegedly caught by paparazzi while allegedly leaving a kennel show at the Dog Patch Lounge on Skidaway Road in Savannah, Georgia shortly before the alleged dry-erase incident.  Photo credit:  ©Noah Scruples, 2018

Holding back tears Mama Becky, Dogg’s mother, later stated, “I just hope it’s not too late… He is quite small for a dog, but I have always told him that he is as good as any Rottweiler or Great Dane.  We never discriminate.  We always uplift.  Maybe we should go on walks more often.”

The grief-stricken mother sobbed then added, “He really has been a good dog.  I hope he can learn from this and we can continue on.”  Wiping tears with a wet wipe she keeps for “accidents” she stated, “We have always given him love and affection.  We even praise him for going potty in the right places.  It doesn’t always work… I guess I should have seen this coming.”

Authorities stated that there will be no charges in the alleged crime, but now Dogg is on their watch list since he was found with no collar, harness or form of ID in his possession.

press release gus

The original, simple four-sentence, written rebuttal by Gus Doggy Dogg.  The translation can be seen below.

When asked his opinion of the accusations, Dogg gave a four-sentence, written statement to the press that had to be translated, “I has no bones to pics over this devious attempt to defrauds me.  Oh… oh…, I too like bones… and treats!  And, I too like Dog the Bounty Hunter!  He is my hero!”

Reality TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman could not be reached for comment.  He is not implicated in the alleged incident.

© The Dog Days Enquirer, 2018, All rights reserved

A note from Gus:

I thinks this is what Jims calls a parody.  Likes I said, I is innocent of all the allegedx allegations.  However, as stated before, in the upcoming charges in the “carpet” incident I accept all blame.  No dog is perfect.  I will goes into rehab until this whole incident blows over.

Therefore, this review gets only one paw.  I would give it thumbs down except that I don’t have thumbs! Dog print


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I learns to dance at Wormsloe… the shocking results!

I am Gus.  I am guilty of clickbait.  I have fun doing clickbait… if it works.

0 0 1 1 Gus dancing2

I danced with Miss Deborah.  She is a dance teacher at Fort Morris State Park in Midway Georgia.  Her husband, Mr. Arthur, is the manager there.  He danced too.  I couldn’t learn the steps because my leggs didn’t reach the ground.

I am Gus.  I too like peoples.  I went to a place called Wormsloe State Historic Site with Jims and Mama Becky and my buddy Eli.  I guess they named the park after worms.  I looked, but I didn’t see any worms.  Doggs don’t like worms.  I too don’t like worms.  Jims said that maybe they named it after silkworms that they grew to make silk when they first came to Georgia.  I think maybe they were the kind that sleeps under the ground or maybe the kind that doggs don’t like.

There were lots of peoples dressed in old looking clothes there.  Some were soldiers.  Some were just regular people.  They dressed like peoples did when Wormsloe was first started in 1733 by a man named Jones.  I guess he was really special because peoples kept calling him “noble” Jones, so he must have been a very noble guy.

1 1 1 John Kellam and Bill Smith P1330315

Mr. John Kellam and Mr. Bill Smith and (later) Mr. Jamie Keena played music for us to dance.  I too like music.  I too like to dance, but my feets were too short to reach the ground.

Three men were playing musical instruments.  Their names were Mr. Bill and Mr. John and Mr. Jamie.  They played old and fun songs on a violin and a mandolin and other things too, like a piccolo.  I too like music.  I too like Mr. Bill and Mr. John and Mr. Jamie.

0 0 1 1 Gus and Buddy

My buddy Eli and me with lots of Scottish guns and swords.  The round, red thing in the middle is a targe.  Jims tells me that in the Scots languages it is the same thing as a shield called a target.  I guess it’s like the big box store with the same kind of red-looking circle.  Maybe they sell them there.

They played music to dance to, so when Miss Deborah asked me to dance… we did.  She taught peoples and me to do a reel.  We danced in a circle and we clapped our paws together when she said to.  I had trouble with the steps because my dogg leggs were too short to reach the ground.  I guess you can say that I was just hanging out with them.  We danced in and out and in a circle again.  We had lots of fun.

0 0 1 1 guns firing

The little guns didn’t bother me too much, but the big cannon’s BOOM made me run behind Jims.  Jims is a pretty big guy.  Mama Becky says it’s called bulk.  I guess he must be like the Hulk monster, but not green.  I don’t think Jims gets that mad though.  I’ve never seen throw a car down the street.  Not even a Prius.  Would that make him green?

The soldiers danced with us, but they also shot their guns to show peoples how they worked.  They also shot a big cannon.  I don’t like drums that soldiers play but I too don’t like when big cannons go BOOM!  I always hides behind Jims.  He is kind of big.  Mama Becky says he has bulk.  I can hide behind bulk.  I guess he’s the Bulk Monster, but he’s not green like the Hulk.

1 1 Gretchen Greminger 0211181444b

Manager Gretchen Griminger likes doggs.  She patted my head.  I too like head pats.  She makes homemade dogg treats for doggs.  I too like homemade dogg treats.

We met the historic site manager, Gretchen Griminger who patted my head.  I too like Manager Gretchen.  She makes homemade doggs biscuits and gives them to doggs at the park.  I too like homemade dogg biscuits so we went to the museum where a nice lady gave me one.  They were free.  I too like free doggs treats… so I ate it.

0 0 1 1 gus getting treat

We went to the museum because they had homemade dogg treats.  I too like dogg treats.

In the museum, they have lots of pictures and old things.  Jims calls them artifacts.  He and my buddy Eli went around and looked at them.  Jims told Eli what some of them were.  They had a good time.  I wanted another dogg treat.  I too like treats.

0 0 1 1 Eli and Jims

Jims and my buddy Eli looked at pictures and artifacts in the museum.  I sat with Mama Becky and ate dogg treats.  I like dogg treats better than artifacts… except maybe bones.

There was an old fort that Mr. Jones made when he came.  The old tabby walls are still standing.  The tabby is made from sand, oyster shells and water.  It makes a hard concrete.  I thought tabby was a kind of cat.  I was told that cats can be really hard headed.  Maybe that’s why they call it that.  Tabby is really hard too.

0 0 1 1 Tabby walls

Tabby walls don’t look like cats.  But, maybe cats are like tabby walls.

When we were outside of the museum I met a new friend.  Her name is Kai and she has blonde/white hair and one gray/green eye and one blue eye.  I too have one gray/green eye and one blue and gray eye.  I too like Kai.  She had nice peoples with her.  I too like nice peoples.

0 0 1 1 Gus and Kai

My new friend, Kai, and me posed for pictures.  I too like posing for pictures.

I had a good time seeing peoples at Wormsloe.  I too like Wormsloe, but I don’t like worms.  I give it three paws. Dog printDog printDog print

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Don’t vote for Pedro! Vote for Gus!

1 1 1 1 sleepy gus 0209181425d

Sometimes when I gets sleepy my ears flops.


“Doggs can’t vote!”

I am Gus.  I wants to vote.  My buddy Eli drew a logo for me.  Jims made it darker so its will show up better.  But, Doggs can’t vote!

I too wants to vote, but Jims says doggs can’t see all the colors.  So, doggs can’t vote.  Here are the choices for you to votes on  Let me know which you like best.

This is mys logo with no circles that we will use for black and white things.  You don’t votes on this one.

and this is my logo with a circles that we will use for black and white things.  I too like black and white things… especially treats.  I can see black and white things.  So, you don’ts vote on this one.






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And finally, #6, here’s is my all yellows logo.

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I too likes kids but I don’t likes drums!

I am Gus.  Today Jims and I went to the Georgia Day Parade. Lots of kids and big peoples in old-looking clothes walked passed us.  Some kids and big peoples were dressed as Native Americans, some were dressed as Colonial peoples, some were dressed as regular peoples.

The Georgia Historical Society puts on the parade.  Kids are usually in the second grade and a little-bit-bigger kids are in the eighth grade.  They walk a long way.  They walks from the big park called Forsyth up a street named Bull and end at City Hall.  Jims always says that Bull always starts at City Hall and runs through the city to the park, but the kids walked the other way.  I guess they were going upstream.

1 1 1 Georgia Day P1330265.jpg

Some kids and big peoples were dress as Native Americans, somes were dressed as Colonial peoples, somes were dressed as regular peoples.

We were watching for Jacob G. Smith schools where my good buddy Eli goes to schools.  We didn’t see him, but we saw lots and lots of other kids from all kinds of schools.  I wagged my tail a lot.  Some kids patted me on the head, but their big peoples said, “No, no.  Don’t pets the dogg.  We have to keep going.  We’re in the Georgia Day parade.”  Some petted me anyway so Jims backed up so we would not get into troubles.

1 1 1 Georgia Day P1330257.jpg

The big peoples said “No, no.  Don’t pet the dogg.  We have to keep going.  We are in the Georgia Day parade.” Some petted me anyway so Jims backed up so we would not get into troubles.

And there were soldiers.  I too like soldiers.  They were from a place called the Third ID.  They had uniforms that looked like trees and bushes.  I too like trees and bushes.  I’m a dogg.

The soldiers had horns.  The horns were not on their heads like cows, but they were shiny and they played music on them in their hands.  They too had flags and they had drums.  The horns played songs, but the drums were making loud boom noises.

1 1 1 Gus looking at soldiers.jpg

And there were soldiers.  I too likes soldiers.  They were from a place called the Third ID.  They had uniforms that looked like trees and bushes.

I too like soldiers with horns and I too like cows with horns, but I too don’t like horns with drums.  I ran and hid behind Jims when they went by.  I too like soldiers, but I don’t like drums.  I started shaking fast.  Jims says that is because I am Chihuahuas dogg and he said, “That’s what Chihuahuas doggs do when they don’t like something.”  I too don’t likes drums.  They makes me shake and they makes my ears flop back.

1 1 1 Soldiers wih flags but I hear drums cr b.jpg

I too don’t likes drums.  They makes my ears flop bacck.

After the soldiers was when the kids and big peoples started walking by.  I cried and made Jims pick me up and hold me.  He said, “Gus, I have to take pictures, I can’t hold Gus doggs.”  But, he picked me up anyway.  He took pictures with one hand while I jumped around trying to lick the kids and big peoples.

1 1 1 Georgia Day P1330246.jpg

This is my Gus Cam view of the parade.  I too am little.  I saw a lot of feet.

1 1 1 Georgia Day P1330249.jpg

Here is another view wih my Gus Cam.  I too saw knee caps.

The kids and big peoples walked by holding signs that told the names of their schools.  I can’t read, but Jims read them to me.  Jims can read because he went to schools like the kids in the parade.  Some kids had signs about peoples in Georgia history.  Jims is a history peoples.  He writes stories about history and peoples in history.  I too like history.  I like peoples too.  We make a good team.  I go with him sometimes when he makes pictures of history stuff.  Sometimes I bark and make him pick me up.

1 1 1 1 knee caps P1330242.jpg

Knee caps and feet.  I saw lots of them.  But, Jims reads me the signs.  This on talks about Juliette Gordon Low.  She and I haves the same birthday.  She makes cookies.  I too like cookies.


I don’t know if Tomochichi had a dogg.  James Oglethorpe had a dogg.

One of the signs that kids carried had Tomochichi.  He was a chief of the Yamacraws peoples who lived here before James Oglethorpe came to make Savannah.  They called him a Mico.  Maybe he knew Mico Mouse?  I don’t know.  I think that is the mouse’s name.  Maybe he was the chief of his people too.  I too like Mico Mouse.  He looks like me.  We have big ears.  I don’t know if Tomochichi had a dogg.  Mico Mouse has a dogg.  His dogg is named after a star or something like that.  The parade went past Tomochichi’s grave and monument in Wright Square.  It’s a big rock.

James Oglethorpe had a dogg.  Peoples talk about his dogg in the history books.  He was on the boat with all of the peoples who came to settle in Georgia.  I don’t know what happened to the dogg.  I don’t think James Oglethorpe knows either.  He disappeared on the boat.  Maybe he swam home.  I too like to swim… I think… I’ve never been swimming.  I’m only fifteen weeks old and they don’t let doggs go the beach in Savannah.

1 1 1 Georgia Day P1330286.jpg

One school in the parade had a man who played a small dogg whistle.  It was a pretty song, but I didn’t see any doggs doing what they were whistling for them to do.

One school in the parade had a man who played a small dogg whistle.  He had on a three-sided hat and walked in front of kids and other big peoples with dogg whistles.  I tilted my head from side to side when they played the dogg whistles.  It was a pretty song, but I didn’t see any doggs doing what they were whistling for them to do.

1 1 1 Georgia Day P1330237.jpg

I too likes kids and peoples but I don’t likes drums.

Then the parade of kids and big peoples was over.  I was still shaking because that is what Chihuahuas doggs do.  Jims and I had fun at the Georgia Day Parade.  I too like seeing kids and big peoples walk by.  The Georgia Day Parade gets four paws because I don’t have five paws. Dog printDog printDog printDog print

Here is a link to see more pictures of kids and big peoples at the parade.

1 1 My first selfie with the soldiers

I have a Gus Cam.  This is my first selfie.  What do you think?

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Gus goes to Clary’s


I am Gus.  This is me at Clary’s Cafe in Savannah, Georgia.  I too like Clary’s.  They give dogg treats.  I am watching Mama Becky eat her peoples food.  I too like peoples food

I am Gus.  I went to Clary’s Cafe.  Clary’s Cafe is on Abercorn Street.  They give treats to doggs.  I too like dogg treats.  When you sits at the tables outside on the street they are happy to have doggs as customers.  I saw other doggs at other tables.  They were all bigger than me.  But, I was the cutest and got the most treats from the staff.  At least four came out and brought me treats.  Did I say I like treats?

Clary’s building used to be a drug store.  They have druggist bottles that are still on the shelves.  They have pictures of a man someone called Dirty Hairy.  I guess he must be furry and need a bath.  He made a movie in Clary’s that was called something like nighttime in a good and bad dog park… at least I thinks that’s what they said.  I too like dog parks.  I get to see many of my friends there.  I didn’t watch the movie.  I falls asleep.

Jims had Clary’s famous grits, eggs and bacon.  He mixes the grits and eggs together.  He put a little bit of them on my regular dog food, but only a little.  I too like grits and eggs.  Mama Becky had grits and eggs.  She always orders grits and eggs too.  I too would like some of her grits and eggs, but she didn’t give me any.  I will learn to beg better next time.  She says that peoples food is not good for dogs.  Clary’s has lots of other peoples food, too.  I too like peoples food.

I give Clary’s three paws out of four, but only because I can’t eat there if it’s raining.

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0 1 Oooooohh. People. i too like people

Ooooohhh!  Peoples!  I too like peoples.  They always pet me and give me treats.  I too like treats.

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